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Our company SULIMA·GRABOWSKA·SIERZPUTOWSKA is a partnership of three patent&trademark attorneys, all graduates of the Warsaw Technical University, which apart from a degree equivalent to Master of Science gave us a degree of "Engineer" to reflect our knowledge of practical aspects of the fields of art we studied.
We met as employees of a state owned agency which was one of the only two Polish firms authorized to handle foreign cases before private practice was restored in 1993. Our expertise acquired during those years is reflected by over 1500 exclusive rights granted for the foreign applications handled personally by us.
Although we always had a good deal of independence in our work as registered patent attorneys, we strongly felt that our professional careers should be given a new frame of a modern, well-equipped office offering client-friendly and cost effective services. Eventually we came to the conclusion that we would be able to achieve our goals only in private practice, and our company was established on January 1, 1995.
Now, after 17 years of steady expansion, we represent over 3000 clients, both foreign and domestic, ranging from individual inventors to the largest multinational corporations.
Having decided on a very careful recruitment policy and comprehensive personal training we succeeded in gathering a highly qualified staff consisting of professionals with technical background in various fields, trademark specialists, lawyers and experienced support personnel. Eight members of our staff became patent&trademark attorneys under our patronage, and now we are patrons of next patent attorney candidates.
We offer a whole range of intellectual property services in Poland, and we are ready to assist our clients not only in the filing and prosecution of applications, but also in the maintenance and enforcement of their exclusive rights.
All our patent&trademark attorneys are registered professional representatives before the EUIPO and nine of them are European Patent Attorneys.
Our Patent&Design Department is ready to assist our clients in any patent and design work, also in litigation cases before the Community Trademark and Design Court in Warsaw.
We are well prepared to handle cases in all the scientific and technical fields, and especially in the wide area of chemistry, bio-technology, mechanical and civil engineering, electronic and electrical engineering and telecommunications.
We have vast experience in drafting patent specifications in co-operation with inventors.
We cooperate with a large group of highly qualified and experienced translators, yet each translation is meticulously verified by our professional staff and then double-checked by one of the patent attorneys.
Any official actions reported by us are provided with many helpful comments to assist our clients in coping with the intricacies of practice of the Polish Patent Office.
Our Trademark Department provides a full range of services covering all aspects of securing, maintaining and enforcing trademark rights, also in litigation cases before the Community Trademark and Design Court in Warsaw, including identity searches, performed upon receiving firm filing orders with no additional charges. Results of full availability searches are always provided with helpful advise on the probability of getting protection rights.
Since the very beginning of our private practice we have had excellent results in defending trademark cases prosecuted under the Madrid Agreement and in litigation cases connected with trademark infringements.
Under the regulations of Polish law we are authorized to represent our clients before the civil courts in any IP matters. We have managed to bring to a successful end several major patent and trademark litigation cases in which we represented large foreign companies or big Polish producers.
We strongly believe in close attorney-client contacts, and our clients can rely on prompt replies to their inquires, both on specific problems connected with particular cases and on general issues. It is easy to meet one of us or our staff during the major IP conventions and events (we are members of FICPI, INTA, ECTA, AIPPI and LES) - and we always look forward to being of any assistance.

Zofia Sulima
Małgorzata Grabowska
Iwona Sierzputowska