Custom and criminal cases

We represent our clients in custom-related cases and criminal proceedings in the field of industrial and intellectual property, mainly concerning the combating of the import and marketing of counterfeit goods.

We have vast experience in preparing national and EU requests for customs authorities to take actions related to the protection of intellectual property rights in Poland or in the European Union on the basis of relevant national and EU legislation.

We represent our Clients as the aggrieved parties and we cooperate with customs authorities, police and prosecutors in cases of seizure of counterfeit goods at the borders, as well as inside the country. In particular, we obtain information on detained goods and samples for our Clients, and we provide the authorities with the results of the Client’s analysis of the goods in order to distinguish the counterfeit products from the original ones.

We file motions for criminal prosecution in connection with the detention of counterfeit products or, alternatively, we prepare civil actions.

We provide our Clients with information on the development of criminal proceedings and, if necessary, we represent them as the aggrieved parties in such proceedings.