Geographical indications

Geographical indications play an important role in the marketing of goods as elements highlighting a particular link between a product and a country, region or locality, which is often one of the main factors a buyer chooses a product.

Geographical indications are verbal indications referring directly or indirectly to the name of a place, locality, region or country which identify a product as originating in a given territory. The geographical origin is often attributed to a certain quality, good reputation or other specific characteristics. Registered geographical indications may be used on products which fulfill a specification which may include requirements concerning the location of origin or method of manufacturing such a product.

Geographical indications for agricultural products and foodstuffs may be protected under the EU system of protection of geographical indications as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) or Traditional Speciality Guaranteed. A “group” of producers or processors of a particular agricultural product or foodstuff may apply for registration. The procedure of registering a geographical indication is a two-stage process. The first stage is carried out in a Member State, with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development being the authority responsible for conducting the registration in Poland. The second stage, at the EU level, is carried out by the European Commission, which issues decisions regarding registering of geographical indications. The EU system of protection also covers geographical indications for spirits.

Geographical indications for industrial products which are not subject to registration under the EU system of protection of geographical indications may be registered at the Polish Patent Office.

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