An Internet domain secures technical exclusivity for the use of a specific web address, and thus individualizes a company, enterprise or brand on the Internet.

Along with the development of the information society and the growing share of the Internet in trade of goods and/or provision of services, the role of Internet domains as the main pillar of the company’s operation and the most important components of the enterprise is constantly growing.

We offer comprehensive assistance in obtaining registrations and effecting renewals of validity of domains with the most popular extensions pl, com, eu,, as well as any other types our Clients requires.

We have extensive experience in handling disputes concerning Internet domains in arbitration proceedings before the Court of Arbitration for the Internet Domain Names at the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication, as well as in litigation proceedings before civil courts. We have successfully reclaimed for our Clients numerous domains that were infringing on their previous trademarks or other exclusive rights.

Moreover, we offer professional help in the so-called “interception of colliding Internet domains”, as well as in negotiations with registrants of disputed domains.