Mediation and negotiations

Mediation is a process through which the conflicting parties can reach an agreement on the subject of the dispute. It is conducted in the presence of a qualified mediator who, while remaining impartial and neutral with regard to the subject matter of the dispute, ensures that the procedures of the conversation are maintained and provides the parties with conditions to reach an agreement.

The basis of mediation is its voluntary nature which applies throughout the process and allows the parties to withdraw from it at any stage.

Another principle of mediation is its confidentiality which applies to the mediator, the parties to the conflict and third parties involved in mediation. According to this principle, any information obtained during mediation may not be disclosed, even before a court, without the consent of the parties. Confidentiality is primarily aimed at creating an atmosphere of trust and security, allowing the parties to have an open discussion in order to reach an agreement.

A particular type of mediation is business mediation in the field of intellectual property.

We recommend out-of-court dispute resolutions and offer professional assistance of both in-house and external mediators prepared to conduct business cases in the IP field.