Technical and legal translations

We have extensive experience in the preparation of translations of technical and formal/legal texts.

To date we have filed over 28000 translations of patent applications and specifications.

The content-related correctness of the translated technical text, especially its precision and faithfulness to the original, is essential to ensure the proper protection of an invention or a utility model. The preciseness of the translation is particularly important in the case litigation arises connected with invalidation proceedings or infringement of patents valid in Poland (i.e. those obtained on the basis of national patent applications, international patent applications and validations of European patents), protection rights granted for utility models or supplementary protection certificates.

The accuracy of the translation is also essential in the case of all texts of formal and legal nature, such as contracts and other documents relating to intellectual property rights, since it allows for precise determination of their subject matter, e.g. the scope of transfer of rights, license conditions etc.

We provide services related to the preparation and verification of translations of technical texts, as well as formal and legal texts from and into all convention languages. We can also provide high quality translations from non-conventional languages.