Trademark watching

The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland does not examine new trademark applications in terms of relative obstacles to the grant of protection right which would result from collisions with earlier identical and similar trademarks.

The burden of securing effective protection of an earlier registered trademark, by preventing the registration of later similar or identical trademarks in the name of other entities, lies on the holder of registration right for said earlier trademark.

The holder may file an opposition against the registration of a later trademark within 3 months as from the date of publication of the mention about the application for said later trademark in the Bulletin of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (Biuletyn Urzędu Patentowego; BUP). The trademark watching is an extremely helpful tool allowing for the detection of trademark applications potentially colliding with the watched trademark.

We offer trademark watching service aided by an in-house developed software.

The trademark watching system is partly based on automatic search algorithms. Our in-house developed software enables conversion of obtained data and generation of bulk reports adjusted to our Clients’ needs and guidelines.

The watching service involves providing our Clients with monthly reports indicating applications for trademarks detected in a given month, potentially colliding with the Client’s monitored trademarks. The watching report contains data on the detected trademarks together with information about the official deadline for submitting a notice of opposition. At the Clients’ request the report may also contain a preliminary opinion about viability of potential opposition.