Iwona Sierzputowska

Iwona, a co-founder of SGS, is a graduate from the Department of Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology, and a holder of a post-graduate degree from legal studies at the European School of Law and Administration.

Leading a team of chemists and biotechnologists in the Patent Department, she trained many young people, mentoring them about the ins and outs and the ethos of IP profession.

Her profound knowledge regarding many areas of technology and proactive co-operation with clients have resulted in hundreds of patents granted by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

Her in-depth analytic and troubleshooting skills, coupled with the ability to pinpoint hidden risks, have won her admiration and respect amongst her clients, especially in the contentious cases. She has conducted successfully numerous cases involving invalidation of exclusive rights before the Patent Office and administrative courts or infringement of patents before civil courts. She is an expert in pre-litigation consultancy on patent disputes, especially those involving multiple jurisdictions, and a keen proponent of ADRs.

Having participated in many international conferences as a speaker or member of thematic panels, she contributed to a wider positive recognition of the Polish IP profession abroad.